For Bay Area native Janel Marisse, music was a divine career path. The daughter of an open-format DJ and sister of a music video director, the ascension from a spotlight-loving child to singer/songwriter came naturally. Having grown up in the era of the Spice Girls, and later, Destiny’s Child and Aaliyah, Janel was exposed to strong women in entertainment whose respective sounds fused various genres to form an eclectic mix of pop, R&B and hip-hop. When Janel began songwriting at the age of 16, the influence of these acts became clear – the Filipina singer/songwriter’s powerhouse vocals could dabble into the depths of soul music, bounce along to the jumps and drops of EDM and navigate smoothly over the drums of any 808. Making her debut in 2015, her single, “No Tomorrow” was immediately picked up by Samsung and was featured in a nationwide commercial from the technology giant, starring music mogul Russell Simmons . It was quite the ride for a brand new artist, and it quickly became overwhelming for the young songstress. Janel had to recalibrate, and like a true artist, turned the experience into debut EP ‘ Unbothered’ , an unapologetic EP featuring production from DTB , Julia Lewis , and Ekzakt. She now readies fans for her next big project, ‘The New Order’, due out this October. The EP, inspired by fantasy and dark magic, marks a new chapter for the Filipina singer. Janel sheds her veil of innocence in order to embrace the dark past she has faced. “People think I’m an angel but I’ve experienced darkness,” she explains. “I’m not this docile person, I’m ready to show my genuine self.”



Janel Marisse “Off the Record (Freaky)” Video

Bay Area’s very own Janel Marisse just dropped a new music video for her joint “Off the Record (Freaky)” check it out above. Filed under Media, Music, Music Videos · Tagged with Janel Marisse

Bay Area Songstress Janel Marisse Delivers Saucy Lead Single “Off The Record”

Singer/songwriter Janel Marisse is not as innocent as she may seem. Though lauded for her sweet vocals and angelic melodies, she sheds her “good girl” persona in new single “Off The Record”, off her forthcoming EP, ‘The New Order’, due out 10/30. The Filipina singer serves […]